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Paul Bennett (UK) - Awake 4. Oil on Canvas, 50cm X 50cm (2010)

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Brian Guidry. Entropy.

Near St. Claude Ave. Acrylic gouache on wood, 39” X 39”.

Absolute Zero. Acrylic gouache on canvas, 68” X 60”.

This series of works also draws its colors from “nature”.  Fluctuating between real and illusion, one of the deceptive qualities of this series is that they are not “action paintings” but are delicately controlled and articulated productions composed primarily with collaged acrylic. Often surreal and sometimes bordering on science fiction, these paintings seek to illuminate the invisible landscape of energy pathways as it relates to modes of transportation, locomotion and concrete places. (artist statement)

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Herbert James Draper, “The Gates of Dawn” 1900 (by sofi01)

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Georgia O’Keeffe. Wave, Night, 1928. oil on canvas

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Mark Rothko, 1956, Untitled (Orange on Yellow)


Anne Vallayer-Coster, Sea Plumes, Lithophytes and Shells, 1769


Jeremy Mann - Phosphorescent. Oil on Panel, 36x36 in.

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Jenny Saville - Hyphen (detail) - 1998/99

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Caravaggio, The Seven Works of Mercy (detail), 1607

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